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Unity Connection 8.5 restriction


Hello all,

Can we restrict users not to delete their Voice mails from Unity Connection VM System.

Its not unified messaging.

We need to apply this restriction only for couple of users.

Vesrion- Unity Connection version 8.5




Rob Huffman
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Hi Bobby,

These settings are only exposed when using the Custom Keymapping Tool

in CUC, so you won't see them on your default conversation. Let's say

you are using the Classic Conversation for your users. You can go to the

Custom Keymapping Tool from cucadmin and say select Custom Keymapping #3

when it comes up you would, first off, reset the mapping on all tabs to Classic Conversation

this would then replicate your existing setup. Then go to the After Message menu page and map

some key # to "message delete" I used 17 in my tests here. Then you would also uncheck the

"option is voiced in menu" checkbox so the users that you apply this keymapping to would not

be offered the delete message option.

The next step is to assign the new Custom Keymapping #3 conversation to the

required users via user>xxxx>Phone menu>Conversation>Custom Keymapping #3

and apply. You could do this in bulk via the Bulk Edit Utility if you need to do this

for many users.

You would also set Phone menu>Conversation>Custom Keymapping #3 in the User template

area so users that are created after this has been set up will use this conversation as well

In my tests here the only thing different than this example is that we use the Optional Conversation 1

so I reset the mapping on all tabs to Optional Conversation 1 when going through the steps above.

This worked like a charm.



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Excellent Rob! Just excellent! (+5) for this..Really nice

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