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Unity going to wrong Call Handler

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to create a meeting call handler, so that we can have a greeting play for callers while we have a company wide meeting. I have the Call Handler, Schedule, Holiday Schedule, Directory Number, Time Period, and the Time Schedule all setup. I have the greeting recorded under "Standard" greeting in the call handler. I have it setup bascially like the "Holiday" call handler that works (minus the DN and dates obviously). But when you dial in, you get the Holiday call handler instead of the Meeting call handler. Am I missing something? Why would it do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Justin,

Are you trying to set this up for a "main" number like this for example

708-233-4444 or for a group of numbers?

When you mention a different DN you've kind of lost me. A DN can only

be related to a single Call Handler so I'm not sure exactly how you are routing

to a Meeting Call Handler?

Maybe if you give us some examples with DN's we can help to meet this requirement

If you are reaching the Holiday Call Handler you also simply record the Alternate

Greeting for the meeting time there as it would override all other greetings.



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Hey Rob,

Yes, this is for the main number.

Right, I probably didn't explain that very well. By DN, I mean the extension you set to the call handler when you create it. Since you can't share a DN among call handlers, I created unique DN just for the Meeting call handler.

Here is how it's setup now -

Generic Holiday Call Handler (works) - ext: 5512

Specific Holiday Call Handler (doesn't work) - ext: 5513

Meeting Call Handler (doesn't work) - ext: 5514

Also, I can dial the extensions of the Meeting call handler directly, but nothing plays and it goes straight to voicemail.

I found a way to temporarily "fix" it. I just took the extension off of the Generic Holiday call handler and added it to the Meeting call handler.

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Hi Justin,

I think you've answered this query through your testing already

The main number must be 5112 I'm guessing.

Because any call that routes through 5112 to Unity Connection will

be seen as DN 5112 and match only the Call Handler with 5112 set as it's

extension you are seeing the results you are as expected.

This is where you leverage the various Greetings within the 5112 Call Handler

to achieve your requirements. You can use the Standard Greeting, Closed, Holiday

and of course the Alternate Greeting at different times based on schedules etc. to

give different treatments as you desire.



"Why do the best things always disappear " 

- The Band

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