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Resolved! Boss to secretary call forward - transfer to boss

Hello,I don't find the reason why on one of my cluster a secreatry is able to transfer call to her boss that has the "call forward all" to her extension, and why on another cluster it does not work...  Any help is appreciated.JC,                edit ...

Resolved! Call Forwarding by Line on 6945

We currently have 6945 phones connected to CUCM 8.6If we have a phone that needs multiple main lines on it that may need to be forwarded offsite to different number as the same time, is there a way to forward lines by line to different numbers on the...

When dialing from CUCM 8.5 to Nortel via Qsig Whreceiving incorrect name on clid.

When I call from my Cisco Phone to Nortel extension it shows the wrong name on the display, however if I place the call from a Nortel phone it shows the correct name display.  I have checked the CUCM for the  directory number and associated name and ...

One Way Audio in ICT

Hi All,We have a customer with call manager 7.x  who has reported problem of one way audio on ICT[Non-GK Controlled] and has two clusters.At site A only Publisher is there while at Site B, one Pub and one SUB is installed.When the call is initiated f...

Aman Soi by Advisor
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7945 Boot Loop

I have a Cisco IP Phone 7945 stuck in an infinite boot loop.I tried connecting directly to the UC520, and doing a factory reset.Goes to the upgrade screen, does nothing, sits there for a minute, reboots. No errors, no Auth Fail message.Anyone ever ex...

BE5000 limit

Hi,Cisco describes the Callmanager Business Edition 5000 has having an upper limit of 500 "users".   Does anyone know what that limit actually refers to in terms of actual objects configured?   It doesn't appear to enforce a hard limit on users as in...

TONY SMITH by Collaborator
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Caller id in fxo

HiI have an fxo card on the router config as aconnection pelar go to an ext.My issue is that i cannot see in the orignal number that call from pstn . How can i configer it correct to see the number from the anlog line ??ThanksSent from Cisco Technica...

E1 to Analog

Dear All,I am using one cisco Router 2800 as a E1 PRI connected with the service provider. E1 is working fine i tired it everything is good. The main problem i am facing is that E1 router also contain FXS ports and that FXS ports i connected to Cisco...

utilizing existing sip circuit terminated on cisco voice gateway over the wan for alcatel pbx

Dear all,I have one requirement from my client they want to utilize the existing sip circuit which contains 1000 DID/DOD numbers 58XXX terminated on cisco voice gateway 3945 and being used by cisco for 500 users and require to use 200 numbers over th...