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Update UCCX from to 9.0(2)SU1 to SU2

John Farrell

Hi all,

Hoping you can help.


I have been told to update our UCCX and I need advice on what to look out for?


Its a relatively small jump but I am cocerned that the CAD client will need to be updated for it to continue to work along with a Java update.


Is this neeeded or will the current client work after the update.


Is there anything else I need to be wary of?



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Aman Soi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni



you need to download fresh from Tools----Plugins---Cisco unified CCX desktop suites for Agent and Supervisor Desktop.



Thanks Aman Soi,

I have built a test server and can see that I also need to run the configuration tool  as well.

I am just trying to identify anything I should watch out for while planning this so it can go as smooth as possible.

Not much to this, upgrade CCX and CCX HA server (if you have one), run the CAD configuration tool and then update CAD on desktops either one by one when agents login for the first time or push the update if you have software distribution tool.

Thanks Chris,

My concern on the CAD update is that we use a VDI envorioment and the agents are also in another country.

It also appear to need a Java update which may complicaate thigns.


But thanks for your answer. It puts me at ease that that is all I have to worry about.


Yes, u need to do a Java Update as well.




Hi John,


you are correct.You need to run CCX Configuration utility on clients PC after u upgrade CCX.


If u do not do that , your agents won't be able to login through CAD and would get warning message of version mismatch.

One more thing I would like to add that the upgrade and version switch over  would take 3-4 hours of time.



Thanks Aman,

Is that 3-4 for a publisher  and subscriber or 3-4 for each?

My plan at the moment is update the pub, reboot it.

Update the sub reboot it.

I am hoping to downlaod the clients from my test server and find a registry entry to change the ip it connects to so I have the client ready.

Download the CAD, Supervisor and historia

Hi John,


It takes 3-4 hours for  each server.Even I was surprised .It took 50 minutes for switch over of version.




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