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Upgradation through PCD

Siva chinap
Level 5
Level 5

I have seen in some post through PCD we can upgrade from the version 7.X to 10.5

Just confirm me we are running CUCM,CUC version 7.1 whether we can use the PCD for upgradation.

On below notes it's mentioned from 8.6.

Supported Releases for the Upgrade Task on PCD Version 10.5

These include releases for the upgrade task on the Upgrade Application Server or Install COP files:

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, you cannot UPGRADE, what you can do is a MIGRATION

Those are different procedures in PCD, I suggest you read the PCD guide admin guide. 



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Make me understand,CUCM,CUC & UCCX vers 7.1.5 we are running application in MCS 7835H2.

we need to upgrade to 10.5.,so we thought to upgrade through PCD.

My another option to build a offline system same version 7.1 in UCS server and to upgrade

Which is the best way to upgrade?

With PCD am i able to upgrade from 7.1.5 to 10.5?

Any suggestion

The PCD documentations covers what it can UPGRADE and what it can MIGRATE, once again, different procedures and concepts. You need to review the documentation as it clearly explains from which version you can upgrade, and from which you can migrate, as well as which products are compatible for each.

Can you upgrade from CUCM 7.1(5) to 10.(5) with PCD??? NO

Can you migrate the above with PCD?? YES

The upgrade procedure on PCD is exactly the same as you would do manually, no difference at all, the only thing PCD gives you is the ability to schedule it. You still need to manually install any required COP files, and change any VM settings as necessary.

If you don't understand the migration concept, you need to read this:

You also need to verify your ESXi licensing allows you to use PCD (PCD admin guide also covers that)



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Thanks Jaime,

Let me go through this document . will understand the steps.