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Using BLF speed dials for call transfer




i have an 8961 registered to CME 11.6 i have configured BLF speed dials and these work as they should . if i want to transfer a call i hit transfer it opens the new call window if i press one of my blf speed dial buttons it creates a second independent call . does anyone know a way around this ?

its for an older user who just want a button to press to transfer rather than dialing their number



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Nithin Eluvathingal
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hope you press  transfer button then press SD then transfer again. and you are looking for a solution to transferring the call, press transfer and then SD. 


you need to make the blind transfer configurations on CME. 


Call transfers can be blind or consultative. A blind transfer is one in which the transferring extension connects the caller to a destination extension before ringback begins. A consultative transfer is one in which the transferring party either connects the caller to a ringing phone (ringback heard) or speaks with the third party before connecting the caller to the third party.

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Hi Nithin


thanks for your message . the issue is not the extra step of pressing transfer again this is what happens 

inbound external call comes in 

call is answered on this handset 

i press the transfer button 

this opens the new call window 

if i manually dial the number it then gives me the transfer option 

if i instead press one of the BLF speed dial buttons 

it creates a second independent call and leaves the original call on line 1

so no option to transfer

any ideas ?



If you use blind transfer it won't work. You have to use consultive

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Hi Mohammed


the user is happy to use consultative transfer  


the issue is the phone is not using the blf speed dial button as part of the transfer process 




outside call in 

answered on 8961 line 1 

press transfer button 

new call window pops up 

if i manually dial an extension it connects and gives the transfer option 

if i press the blf speed dial button instead of dialing it opens line 2 rings the extension and leaves the other call on line 1 with no transfer options on the screen 

so i now have 2 active independent calls 





Scott - Did you ever get this working. what was the solution ? 



hi Stuart 

it just started working not sure what i did . happy to share the configs with you if you need them 



Thanks Scott . I have this working also. Again, not sure but this just started working on the 7861's I was having issues with.  





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