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Vg 224 to Vg 350 migration question


Running a cluster of CUCM v-

We have 2 VG350s we just got in and are in the process of migrating off our vg224's. It is very tedious having to configure every port on the 350 manually to mimic the 224. I know about bulk admin a little but wasnt sure if there was a good process to do this migration using the .bat process or if there is another way to do this. I pulled a report from a 224 hoping it would give me what i need to add to the .bat file but no such luck.

Essentially we just want to mass migrate the 224's CUCM configs to the 350s without having to do them one by one.

Can this be done?           

Thanks in advance!


Re: Vg 224 to Vg 350 migration question

We are in a similar situation.  We have VG224s (however, we're not replacing those at the moment), but for future sites, we are going to use VG350's for cost/power/space advantages with the amount of analog ports we will be using. 

We have CUCM 8.6.2 and when I go into the Bulk tool to "insert gateways", I don't see VG350 listed there, just a few others, like VG224, VG204, etc.

Expanding on your question, is it possible to bulk import VG350's yet?  Do we need to add a "device pack" to CUCM to do so?  I can add a VG350 as a device type, just can't bulk import it seems.



For what its worth, I've had

For what its worth, I've had good luck migrating SCCP VG224's to VG350's using the Bulk Admin import/export feature. I export my VG224's from my CUCM 7.1.5 cluster, modify the csv file a bit (change product name from VG224 to VG350, change endpoint name to reflect the MAC address of the VG350, etc.) and import into my CUCM 8.6.2 cluster.




I am investigating how to

I am investigating how to replace our vg248 with vg320s. We have approximately 80 to replace. I am not very familiar with balk administration  tool , I was wondering if someone could possibly provide detailed guide to migrate a 248 to a 320 gateway. We have CUCM 9.1.2 cluster.

Thank you


Hi tklammer4, did you migrate

Hi tklammer4, did you migrate from vg248 to vg320?  I'm working on this now and was wondering how you go about doing this.


VG350s show up only as an

VG350s show up only as an option on CUCM 9.1+

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