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voice on 2801 with VIC3-2FXS/DID

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Level 1


VIC3-2FXS/DID which is update version of VIC2-2FXS is not function well although configuration is same as vic2-2fxs, I can able to dial and there is ring but after picking by receiver within seconds line get disconnected I can hardly hear hello**!! from otherside then it cuts. this is happening on both ports.

other details on this issue:

orignal card vic2-2fxs of 2801 was damage so i have to get new but same model is now out of sale & replacement is vic3-2fxs/did.


new card vic3-2fxs/did was not detected so I have to update IOS ipvoicek9mz.124-20T on 2801 

copied same configuration (vic2-2fxs which was running smooth but using other version  IOS)


voice-port 0/0/0
input gain 7
cptone BR
timeouts call-disconnect 5
timeouts wait-release 5
voice-port 0/0/1
input gain 7
cptone BR
timeouts call-disconnect 5
timeouts wait-release 5

dial-peer voice 112 pots
destination-pattern 112
port 0/0/0
dial-peer voice 113 pots
destination-pattern 113
port 0/0/1

I notice when i tested sound card localy (hooking telephone sets on both ports) and if i dail number there is ring and sound is good no disconnects no issues atall but when router sends to branch and connects to telephone sets and dail the number from other branch it rings and disconnects after receving hello.

voip configuration (same config is working fine with vic2-2fxs)

class-map match-any REAL-ESTATE-VoIP
match access-group name MATCHING-VOICE-PACKETS
class-map match-any REAL-ESTATE-CALL-SIGNALING
match access-group 100
match access-group name VoIP-RTCP
class-map match-any KHARJ
match access-group name KHARJ
    priority 67
    bandwidth 8
class KHARJ
    shape average 150000
    bandwidth 150
class class-default

ip access-list extended KHARJ
remark This Access list will match the ip traffic sourced from any to any
permit ip any any
ip access-list extended MATCHING-VOICE-PACKETS
permit udp any any range 16384 32767
ip access-list extended VoIP-Control
permit tcp any any eq 1720
permit tcp any any range 11000 11999
permit udp any any eq 2427
permit tcp any any eq 2428
permit tcp any any range 2000 2002
permit udp any any eq 1719
permit udp any any eq 5060
ip access-list extended VoIP-RTCP
permit udp any any range 16384 32767

access-list 100 permit tcp any eq 1720 any
access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq 1720
access-list 100 permit udp any eq 1719 any
access-list 100 permit udp any any eq 1719



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

sounds like a media nego/codec issue if the call drops on answer.

following debugs along with dialpeer config (in use)will be a good start

deb vpm sig

deb voip ccapi inout

Same config, some seconds of voice are heard, and codec issue ? Unlikely.

I would recommend update IOS first.


124-20.T.bin is recommended from cisco

so i havee updated c2801-ipvoicek9-mz.124-20.T.bin.

kindly let me know which version you recomd. & cand find where? becoz it was hard to get ios as cisco have some restrictions from their websites.

any command changes required ??

I recommend 15.0(1)M3.

Dear Palo, version what i am using must work am i correct?? becoz i found this on cisco link (VIC3-2FXS supported IOS on 2800 are

12.4(15)XZ or 12.4(20)T).

dont you think that it need addidtional configuration. (apart from vic2-2fxs config)

how can i get/download the version you suggested. please provide link, thanks

Perhaps the other side doesn't support battery reversal for answer supervision?  Try 'no battery' under the voice port, and shut/no shut to take effect.

If the issue still persists, get CCAPI inout and VPM sig debugs during the issue.

no battery- reversal command doesnt effect.

voice still drops in 2-3second after picking receiver.

pls. suggest any other commds. thanks