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VOIP system requirements

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Level 4

Hi all,

I've been tasked with implementing a Cisco VOIP system and I need some input on what hardware I need to purchase. This is my first foray into VOIP, so I really appreciate any help you can offer.

We have about 60-70 users currently, and we'll probably need to plan for at most 100 users, including remote users. We would like the ability to write our own custom apps for the phones, as well as have some call management features like a call attendant.

In my research, I've come across the "Unified Communications Manager Express" and the "Unified Communications Manager Business Edition." Can anyone tell me which one would be the best for my environment? We need all the basic phone functionality -- voice mail, conference calling, call forwarding, etc. Plus we'd like to be able to write our own phone plug-ins and have a call attendant application.

Thanks in advance!!

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Nyle,

This question is somewhat hard to answer as both setups would probably work well :) You should also probably engage a Certified Partner to help with the purchase and deployment of either solution.

Communications Manager Express (CME) is Router based and will require an addition module to supply Voicemail functionality (CUE). Communications Manager Business Edition (CUCM-BE) is Server based (Linux Appliance) and comes bundled with Unity Connection Voicemail On-Box.

CUCM-BE is probably a better fit for Conferencing and Application developement as well. I think that you would be hard pressed to add any App's to CME. For the Attendant Console application this is built-in with CUCM-BE and can be purchased via third party (Arc Solutions) for CME.

Just my opinion here, but my vote would be for Business Edition for your requirements.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition

Hope this helps!


Hi Robb,

Happy 4th of July, when it gets here.

Take 5 for your response on a rather ambiguous question.

Hey Greg,

Thanks buddy, Happy 4th of July to you my friend. In fact today is Canada Day (Happy 140th Birthday) I'm just kickin back getting ready for a BBQ and a few cool ones ;-) and starting a little vacation (yahoooooo!)

Hopefully you get some time off your big day of "Fun in the Sun"

Take care Greg,