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Welcome Prompt at Reception Phone

Vibha Verma
Level 1
Level 1

Dear CSC team

We are recently deploying Cisco Phones for end users and almost fininshing them within a week.

Afte rthat we have to chnage Reception phone from ALcatel to Cisco.

We have cucm 9.2 deployed with 1 subscriber.

Now the requirement is that when somebody calls couple of PSTN numbers of our office, it should play a welcome message. and then call should go to Reception extension, which is also 3 available so it should choose 1st number, which if not available should go to second number and then if not available should go to 3rd number.

I just need to know how do we record the welcome prompt and in which format and take it on call manager(is it just by tftp file management?)

Then how should call to a number go to that prompt.

Routers are there in standby format which will have a combination of E1 and FXO lines.

FXO lines will be reserved for this incoming call. I am quite comfortable with VT rules and dial peers, but this welcome prompt looks slight challenging.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards


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CUCM can't provide AA out of the box. For basic AA, B-ACD script running on your PSTN router. The second option which is more advanced is unity connection.


If you already have CUC, I suggest to go with CUC



Thanks for your reply. Yes we do have CUC version 9.2. Do i need to configure some template.

Can you please suggest how do we do that.

Thanks a lot for your help.



I think you got the answer below. +5 Jaime