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Hi, I'm trying to set up an IPv6 tunnel. I use IOS Version 15.2 (4) M4 on a Cisco 881 router. I set up 3 different IPv6 networks :Here is the configuration of my router R1 :ipv6 unicast-routingcrypto keyring keyring1  pre-shared-key address ipv6 2001...

grio44001 by Beginner
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I´m studying about IPv6 security (IPv6 security book from Cisco- Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke) and at this momment I´m trying to build an ACL to apply on a interface that is connected to a ISP.At recomendations they say that we need to allow icmp nd-na...

imfvieira by Beginner
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Hi;In our ınfrastructure we use dual-stack. We configured our cluster firewall and router (BGPv6). Now we have an application server whichs 's run only over IPv6 address. We want to connect this server over RDP service from our edge sites which's run...

Hello everyone,IPv6 on my PtP links were blocked.  After "clear ipv6 duplicate addresses" it's Up and Running.TenGigE0/0/0/0 is Up, ipv6 protocol is Down, Vrfid is default (0x60000000)  IPv6 is down (link local duplicate), link-local address is fe80:...

kozorezdi by Beginner
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Hi Experts (Only Experienceholders),What is exact address format of IPv6 to assign to anyRouter or computer / Laptop ? I have seen many posts and online articles where information about IPv6 is notclear. I am giving here some examples like asIPv6 add...

I have two 7206 routers and 2 3560G switches in a mesh.  I use HSRP to move the gateways around if there are failures etc...  I have been using this with ipv4 for some time and it works well.  We can have any 2 of the devices fail and the network wil...

                   I try to use two ASR 1k routers to set up 464XLAT environment but find something strange on CLAT side (multiple prefix stateless NAT64). My configuration on CLAT is as following: (IOS: asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9.03.05.02.S.152-1.S2...

chttlyjchu by Beginner
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Hi people,I work for an company that is a tier2 ISP, we get full table transit from two tier 1 providers, we have recently gone with dual stack IPV4/6 and have the IPV6 BGP connection up from the teir1's but have no idea what to use for inbound prefi...

Hey Guys,I understand this implementation pretty well, I'm just having trouble understanding one important part. I understand that if you have R1<--->R2, with IPv4 connectivity, and then R1 and R2 also each has an IPv6 network on the LAN side, you're...

             Hi,      I'm doing Bachelor thesis, the subject is :"IPv4 to IPv6 Transition". I hope you give me titles of books you recommend. Also,I'd be happy if you give me a few tips.right now,i need a topology for each transition mechansim with t...

I have to implement ripng on edge routers wich running vrfs for l3vpn, i'm on gns3 ios c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S4.When i'm about to configure ripng on the vrf interfaces i can't find this cmd : ipv6 rip vrf-mode enable !What can i do ? and if ...

fourmoum1 by Beginner
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I just getting to working with IPv6 HSRP and I was wondering what the following tags are meaning under the IPV6 VLAN interface on the neighbor which is not holding the active HSRP mode ?Virtual link-local address(es):   FE80::5:73FF:FEA0:33 [UNA/OOD/...

Hello,  I was reading thread #17232 (e.g. IPv6 Subnetting - Overview and Case Study) which provides a great example on how to subnet an enterprise network.  One question that I am struggling to understand is how the author was listing options for def...

Wes Chang by Beginner
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Hi All,im trying to clarify some confusion with where this is going in terms of show commands for bgpwhen i first played with ipv6 bgp in 12.3 years back, the only way to view bgp v6 items was via "sh bgp ipv6", and this as far as i recall was meant ...

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