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L2vpn VC is not coming up


    am just doing simple testing from juniper to cisco router.. creating  MPLS L2VPN between Cisco To Juniper..

In Cisco 7206 -  Serial1/0.1/3/1/3:0  

encapsulation ppp

Juniper end -

gigabit interface

encapsulation ppp

can any one suggest me...


L2vpn VC is not coming up

Cisco:  ISO C7200P-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T1,


L2vpn VC is not coming up

Hi Baskaran,

When you say L2VPN I was expecting xconnect commands to bring up the VC. What I see from your configs is you are trying to bring up a WAN PPP connection between them. Please give more detailed explanation of what you are trying to achieve and what are your full configs.



L2vpn VC is not coming up

hi madhu..

   thanks for reply..

am trying to make session between two different Media ...  is there any interconnectivy command to be configured at both router end.. (Cisco and Juniper).. My question-  the Cisco end its serial interface and last mile delivery is E1,, juniper end ethernet last mile.  how the encapsulation will happen..

Due to serial interace - am going with PPP encapsulation to monitor the continuing availability of the link.

Cisco end.


encapsulation PPP     

xconnect X.X.X.X 20 encapsulation mpls


set interfaces ge-0/0/2 unit 3223 encapsulation vlan-ccc

set interfaces ge-0/0/2 unit 3223 vlan-id 3223

set interfaces ge-0/0/2 unit 3223 family ccc

set protocols l2circuit neighbor X.X.X.X interface ge-0/0/2.3223 virtual-circuit-id 3223


Baskaran. G


L2vpn VC is not coming up

Hi Baskaran,

I believe you are trying to do AToM interworking between PPP and Ethernet attachment circuits. If that is the case I think you need to have one of the interworking modes ip or ethernet configured in a pseudowire class and attach it to xconnect instead of using "encapsulation mpls" which is for like to like L2VPN.

Have a look at page for more details. You need to do some research on 7200 capability of supporting it ( I believe it does).




Re: L2vpn VC is not coming up

What network elements or telco lines do you have between the Cisco (Serial4/1/1:0) and Juniper (ge-0/0/2) router?

If it's a telco service, is it a Layer2/VPLS service or a Layer3 service?

If the interconnecting devices belong to you, have you created an MPLS core or an IP core?

So is this question about implementing an L2VPN over your own devices or about making use of a telco L2VPN?

A point-to-point telco line is not likely to terminate on different media on either end.

Re: L2vpn VC is not coming up

Hi Peter..

     its Telecom service..  am running Layer2 service over MPLS Core..  

my question:   is there any possibility to make conneticy in two different Media..  

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