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sorry for the delay in posting guys ive been nowhere near an internet connection for a while. Anyway to my second attempt to the CCIE SP lab. You should note the title. As previously discussed before i narrowly failed my first attempt by my reckoning 3%. This time I failed with about 40%. Lets just say that the amount of things to do in my second attempt and the hardness of it was like 100000% more. I will say this - this was easily the hardest exam i have seen - even harder than the R&S lab which i thought i would never say. The score reflects badly but the areas where they made you trip up i fell into with a bang. Of course these areas were the most important ones where all your traffic should run (but in my case couldnt cause i couldnt get it working).

Before anyone asks what i had in the exam - i shall say one thing "read the blueprint - and when i say read the blueprint i mean read the blueprint". Nothing was missed from this.

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Welcome back, Rob. I'm truly sorry about the bad news. I recently (April) took the SP and also found it significantly harder than the R/S.

I just went through a job change, and had to postpone studies, but I'll be re-scheduling before the end of year. As soon as the new CCO account kicks in, I'll be posting with a new ID.

I am not looking forward to the SP pain again. Are you going to re-take?


thanks michael. No im not sitting it again there is no point but for personal satisfaction. That was the second and final attempt for me on this one. Not to worry at least i can spend time with my wife and kids now and not be banging on routers 24*7.

Don't blame you a bit. Spent last year working on Voice and it's taken me 7 months to re-connect with my family. So I'm not quite as focused as I could be for SP.

However, I just had a candle lit under me - a co-worker just passed the SP on the 14th. It's messing with me - tweeking my competitive instincts. Not sure what I'm gonna do.



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Frequent Contributor

Hello Rob. Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry for the exam result. I am new to here and hope I can learn lots from you guys. Family is very important that we have to balance our life. If you haev already spend lots of effort, why not take one more chance ?

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