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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Forum Posts

Group or condition for registred devices from "Device Registration Portal" (Guest Portal) ?

Hello, We use Cisco ISE on our network. We've already set the Domain devices rules (AD), and it works correctly.Now we work on the BYOD rules, and I've a question about the "Device Registration Portal" processes. Can I create a group (Endpo...

ISE 1.2 Timezones

Hi everybody Does anyone know how to change the time displayed in the GUI (Monitoring/Authentication)?On the Commandline we did set the timezone when installig the ISE, but when troubleshooting in the GUI the time is displayed with "wrong" timezone.S...

Acs 5.1 backup problem

I'm trying to backup acs 5.1 "backup   repository repository-name" but acs gives me a critical error.  % Creating backup with timestamped filename: acs-121022-1431.tar.gpg  % Error: Insufficient disk space to perform full backup.  % Try Lowering the ...

Cisco ISE PSN multicast

HiNeed to get information regarding Cisco ISE PSN deployment,How PSN will be synchronizing using a multicast IP address? lets take an scenario, where i have 4 PSN and connected to Cisco switch 3560. what configuration changes are required in Cisco sw...

I'm migrating a ACS 4.2 to 5.5, in a previous version 4.2 we had the option to remove access to the shell

I'm migrating a ACS 4.2 to 5.5, in a previous version 4.2 we had the option to remove access to  shell, but without affecting the tacacs authentication for, eg a VPN. I can not find that option or something like that in version 5.5, any ideas?

ACS5.5 Export Data run Failed

ACS5.5 doesn't function  Remote Database with Microsoft   Database SQL2008R2error log as following:acs5a/admin# sho acs-logs filename MonitoringAndReportingScheduler.log Apr 15 2014 02:12:12

MAB Configuration issue

with acs 4.2 installed in my network,   PEAP, EAP-TLS, md5... authentications work normally.  But Mac-Based-Authentication   doesnt work at all.  i tested every thing but no luck .This is what i have setup on Swith for MAB:aaa new-modelaaa authentica...

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