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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi,I have the following setup for the VPN inline posturing:VPN Users ----- ASA ----- ISE (ipep) ------ Core SWOn the ASA, I have 2 tunnel-groups, the 1st one uses the ISE as radius server, and the 2nd one is using local authentication, and they are s...

Hello,I need to authenticate a trunk port (with dot1x) where runs a development machine which hosts Virtual Machines.So, the port where is connected the machine is a dot1q port.Therefore I'd like to authenticate this machine with DOT1x, and by now it...

gilou_1973 by Level 1
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hello to all I am trying to deploy ACS 5.2 Below my configuration switch: ! username admin privilege 15 password 7 03055F060F012C4B cfaotech username privilege 15 password 7 110A1F2547 ! ! ! aaa new-model aaa group server radius 8021x a...

cameroun by Level 1
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We have an existing HA deployment of Cisco ACS 4.1 servers authenticating wireless users with 802.1X against AD. We are looking to retire a number of older DCs in the near future. Prior to retiring the DCs, I want to make sure no authentication reque...

I am currently setting up a couple C3560CG-8PC-S (Version 12.2(55)EX3)  as conference room switches that can be passed out by the helpdesk. The location has mostly C3560-48 (Version 12.2(44)SE5). What I did so far is configure CISP for both switches ...

fschramke by Level 1
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