Network Access Control

Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi,I have ACS setup with a device group that covers a large number of devices on my network and I apply rights to this as necessary.But now I need to give a group of users access to a single device that is included within this group. I can't create a...

Hi allQuick question about my NAC setup on the ACS appliance.I have create a number of Network Access Profiles from the templates that ACS provide. All is working fine but my question is in regards to the Advanced Filtering under the NAP.When I creat...

koeppend by Level 4
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Hi,When i was reconfiguring the ip address of my ACS applicance using "SET IP" command, it failed to assign ip address, i rebooted the appliance since then whenever i try to configure ip address on it using "SET IP" address command, it gives me follo...

img by Level 1
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I have disabled telnet access to my Cisco2948 and Cisco5609 (runing CATOS) but im still able to telnet, am i missing anything? here is my configset ip permit enable sshset ip permit enable snmpset ip permit sshset ip permit 10.0.0....

nawas by Level 4
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hi all, i'm tryin to get the certificate setup for the peap authentication for wireless clients.i installed the certificate according, enabled peap/tls authenticatiion, checked the certificate trust lists.i was able to connect to the server witho...

zanub by Level 1
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Resolved! ACS backup

Good afternoon. I am trying to back up an active ACS 4.1 SE 1113 appliance so that I can restore it to a test device that I have. I never realized that a backup on ACS can really be a bear. I have Quick'nEasy FTP server and have added login for acs...

dpatkins by Level 1
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