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Resolved! SNS3415 for my lab tests

Hello everyone, I'd like to use an SNS3415-K9 for my lab tests. It doesn't have an HDD. So I have a few questions:1. I plan to install only eval image. For evaluation, the HDD requirements is 200GB (

kirill2ll by Beginner
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Alternatives to Cisco ISE?

Has anyone out there got any good ideas or experiences with alternative NACs instead of ISE?Has anyone wished they had never used ISE and used another solution instead?I am starting from scratch in terms of finding a NAC solution and wonder if ISE is...

Portal test URL

Hello all,I have a deploy of two nodes with one Pri and another Sec, both of them are all sync. But im having a "little" problem that i still can't understand why is it happening.Everytime i trie to use the Portal Test URL, it always opens the second...

TiUM by Beginner
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Resolved! SDA - Scalable Group Tag (SGT) allowed in two places - what is best practice?

Hello   In an SDA deployment (using DNAC), when assigning an SGT (Scalable Group Tag) in ISE, one can select from the Authorization Policy drop-down list (shown below)       or, specify it in the Authorization Result Profile - what is the difference...

sgt1.png sgt2.png
Arne Bier by VIP Advisor
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how to migrate ISE to new servers

We have SNS-3415-K9 at each branch office and a pair of SNS-3495-K9 at our Headquarters. The branch office servers run policy service persona only, while the 2 HQ servers back up each other and run both the administration and monitoring in addition t...

tachyon05 by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! ISE 2.4 upgrade bundle failing to successfully download to existing 2.3 nodes

Hi experts,  Trying upgrade my ISE 2.3p3 nodes (2 X PAN and 1 x PSN) from 2.3p3 to 2.4 via the upgrade bundle, ise-upgradebundle-2.0.x-2.3.x-to-   Getting error message: "Unbundling Application Package... % Unable to unbun...

jelin by Cisco Employee
  • 11 replies
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