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Hello All,


Kinda at a lost with an issue we are having. We have a Cisco ASA 5506-x deployed for a client. We set up Any Connect for them & it has worked flawlessly for 3 years. With The need to send more workers home, We have been running into problems.


We are licensed for 50 Any connect premium users. When we originally Set everything up Our DHCP pool was set to just 20 addresses. We increased The Pool Amount & users can connect but after 22-23 users, They can connect & get assigned an IP in the Extended range but cant Talk to anything internally. We have verified routing, Max VPN sessions is set to 50. DHCP Pool is the same subnet as before just extended. Split tunnel is active.


Am i missing something that is staring me right in the face?

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Cristian Matei
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VIP Alumni



   Make sure that wherever that pool was used, you adapt the configurations changes as well. For example, ensure routing works for this extended range of IPs' (if there are layer 3 devices behind the ASA, they need to be able to route for VPN Clients through the ASA); ensure NAT exemptions now include the extended range.



Cristian Matei.



                        but cant Talk to anything internally.

 - Besides other reply also check, if this related to apps, and or for instance it is also for basic ping-tests  Further more check the ASA-logs for AnyConnect related problems and connectivity issues.


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how could you increase the number to 50 users