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Cannot login to Service Monitor webpage


We have a standalone Service Monitor server, that resides on a separate server from Operations Manager, we have not a multi-server environment, and the communication between the servers is not enabled by a "trust" model addressed by certificates and shared secrets. Everything was working fine, we changed the passwords for local users in the server (administrator and casuser, by going to My Computer>Manage>Local Users and Groups>Users>(username)>Set Password), and the admin and guest passwords in Common Services by going to Common Services > Server > Security > Local User Setup > Modify My Profile

As soon as we changed these passwords, everything was still working fine

However, after the weekend, without making any other changes to the environment, when we tried to login to Service Monitor webpage via https://<Service_Monitor_IP_address>/CSCOnm/servlet/login/login.jsp with the admin account, we were unable to, even though we were sure the password was OK. We then login with guest account and went to Common Services > Server > Security > Local User Setup and found out that the admin user was not listed there anymore (even though nobody deleted it)

We then tried to reset the Common Services admin user password using CLI by following the procedure stated in this link:

We found out that the Service Monitor daemon was not started and we were unable to start it, neither from Windows Services, nor with net stop crmdmgtd and then net start crmdmgtd CLI commands

We then tried to login to Service Monitor webpage again with the admin account and we were able, but we got this error message:

The license file is invalid. Please click this  link for information about obtaining a valid purchase license or click here for current licensing  information Otherwise, please contact your Cisco representative for  purchasing information.

Even though the license we have is still valid, and we have not exceed the maximum number of Cisco 1040 sensors registered for the license we have (we have only 4 Cisco 1040 sensors and the license is for 10)

We then click on "click here for current licensing  information" to go to Common Services > Server Admin > Licensingand we get this error message:

Error communicating with License  Server. License Server may be down. Please start the License Server, then  refresh the page.

We have no new entries in the LicenseServer.log, the latest one is:

[Tue Jun 26 14:10:46 PDT 2007] Property file C:/PROGRA~1/CSCOpx\objects\licenses\
Buffer is0019bbc6
Buffer ise3f40000
Buffer isxxx
Value from license  is"xxx xxx"
Flex host idxxx

In the License.log file since we were unable to start the Service Monitor daemon, we received the following entries in the License.log:

[ Mon Aug 02 02:37:39 BRT 2010 ] [Thread-839797] INFO - Getting CMF features
[ Mon Aug 02 02:37:39 BRT 2010 ] [Thread-839798] INFO - Executing GetFeature
[ Mon Aug 02 02:38:39 BRT 2010 ] [Thread-839799] INFO - Executing GetFeature
[ Mon Aug 02 02:38:39 BRT 2010 ] [Thread-839799] INFO - Got VMS features
Until Mon Aug 02 19:33:39 BRT 2010

Has anyone in the community experienced a similar problem? Does anyone has any idea what is the root cause of the problem and how to solve it?

All kind of help is really appreciated

Thanks in advance

Pari Thiagasundaram

Do you have a permanent license or does your license have an expiry ? (You could open the .lic file from the server and take a look.

If this is a permanent license, try restarting the license server process:

pdterm LicenseServer

pdexec LicenseServer

Hi pthiagas,

Thank you very much for the suggesion. We checked the license and it is a permanent license. Unfortunately, we were unable to restart the license server process. This is the output we got:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pdterm LicenseServer
ERROR: connect to dmgtd process on "" on port 42340 failed:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pdexec LicenseServer
ERROR: connect to dmgtd process on "" on port 42340 failed:

Do you or anyone else have any other suggestions?

Thanks again