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FMC Down after Upgrade attempt

I was trying to patch FMC 6.6.5 to last night and I believe another engineer logged in at same time I was in there and restarted the FMC through esxi while this update was in progress . Anyways I can access the FMC via SSH and ping and runni...

FMC Folder\File View

I have WinSCP connected to FMC which allows me to see folders\files on the FMC.  I did this with another Firepower installation a long time ago and I remember i could pull up IP blacklist txt file to view all the IP blocks I believe which came from T...

Resolved! Cisco FMC & WinSCP

I have connected WinSCP in a previous version of firepower.  The version 6.6.1 I am trying to connnect to using WinSCP says i'm authenticating but it won't connect. Is anyone using WinSCP anymore or is there something better that can be used???

FirePower Routing

I have a lab were I am trying to get VPN AnyConnect traffic to access a server on vlan 10 of the inside network. But it wont reach the server, I can access everything on Vlan 1. The server can ping and traceroute to the VPN client, VPN client cannot ...

Shultz777 by Beginner
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FMC-FTD Initialization

Hello all,   I'm using Virtual FTD and FMC. FTD registers with FMC but after sometime it's showing error in FTD Status, connectivity between FMC and FTD is ok.  When I check from FTD cli by this command Show manager, Show manager syntax error: Illega...

Resolved! Cisco Smart Licensing

I registered FMC which was successful. However I do not see the Anyconnect, TMP licenses available that were purchased and also showing in the smart account. Do these licenses appear after adding an FTD to the manager or do I need to do something?

FirePower 8350

Hello, I have a Cisco FirePower 8350 that I have gone through the recover process with - I try and boot to the SSD and it stops at "sda synchronizing scsi cache" and will not go further. I've let it sit over night with no luck. At this point I'm tryi...

Lericanty by Beginner
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File & Malware policy

I have setup a File & Malware policy and what is confusing is not the detection or the blocking of the policy but rather how to administer. Can someone explain what the option is to store the file and how does one access this stored file? I kind of w...

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