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Not sure it it's even possible, have never used ASA. We have been tasked with implementing multifactor authentication.  Our plan is to use an ASA vpn with RSA. But our current VPN access is with TMG servers that are configured with their own access p...

I am new to Cisco and was thrown into this.  When looking at the Traffic Status is this measuring the speed or the amount of data being transferred?  Outside Interface Traffic Usage Input kbps :59599  Output kbps: 30612

dtsteinb by Level 1
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Hello, I'm the owner of a 5506X. My Italian ISP requires option 60 of DHCP client side configuration, on outside interface, otherwise i won't be able to acquire IP address from ISP's dhcp server. (IPoE connection)   I have done some searches and foun...

Dark345 by Level 1
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I have been told to block all IPs outside of the United States to a particular server on the inside interface.  My plan is to make an allow ACL for an object-group that contains the network0objects for ALL of the subnets currently registered to the U...

cscheper1 by Level 1
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Recently I have updated all firewall from 9.6 to 9.8(2)24 and try to update the FMC from v6.1.0.6 to 6.2.0-362. Does anybody can assist me the steps to follow? All the firepower have 6.x Versions.    180327 08:42:58] Readiness check for :Sourcefire_3...

current version.JPG

Hi guys,   I have a problem with my ASA.   The problem is as follows. We have new Subnets in the 192.168.x.x range. Our current setup is with /8 range. From the core switch all the vlans have been configured and work so far. However the new ...

dogiii by Level 1
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