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This topic is a chance to discuss more about all you need to know about Cisco FirePOWER security solution. On this session, Marvin Rhoads will be answering all kind of questions about FirePOWER Management Center (FMC), FirePOWER Threat Defense (FTD)...

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hi,all   There is a problem in the VPN connection and authentication failure through the AD domain. The current problems are as follows:1, the terminal now dials VPN can pop out the authentication page;2. After the terminal submits the authentication...

jack lee by Level 1
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Hello   I was wondering what sort of path and direction to take on learning more about the security aspect of Cisco.   I am getting acquainted with the ASA setup and then I see the NGFW (CX IPS?) and then FirePOWER (also part of the NGFW platform??)....

fbeye by Level 4
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Hi,I am just curious how does SLA monitor on ASA work. As I understood and tested on GNS3, when configure SLA Monitor you have to specify outgoing interface and by that you are forcing packets (e.g. ICMP) out through specified interface (something th...

I am a novice with Cisco so bare with me. When I am at work and connect my MAC BOOK to WiFi I can't connect to VPN.   When I use my phone as a hot spot its fine.  I am trying to look at the config to see how it is being blocked but not sure where to ...

dtsteinb by Level 1
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Having an issue accessing web server from public internet. I set up some PAT rules & permitted the traffic in my outside acl. When I do a packet tracer it says my ASA is configured to allow access to the server from the outside which I include below....

Hawk by Level 1
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This may be an obvious answer - as in a bad idea - but is there no way to have the FMC/FPwr sensors generate an email alert when being portscanned?  The policy is working and dropping traffic as it should, and has been - but I can't find the proper i...