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Hello guys,   A client of ours is using old ASA(version 8.2(2)), and they have old VPN clients connecting to their network. Everything is working fine, clients are connecting from different places, up until they try to connect second VPN client from ...

I am setting up a 5505 in a lab environment.  I am running 8.2 and trying to get the PAT to function correctly. I tried using the Wizard, setting it to use the interface, and tried it in the cli   I have put in the global command and both the inside ...

Jleht by Level 1
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Hi, Support,   With great respect, I am facing the issue,  note: the ASA i am talking about is on edge and used to access the internal server from outside internet   I have a live ASA on our edge of a network, we have gt 2 series of live IPs from ISP...

shahab91 by Level 1
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