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Hi, i have a question about aaa authorization. i started to learn about cisco ISE , but i got stuck in the:"aaa authorization network .... " command.we know after "network" we can insert "default" or name of authorization list. what's the diffrence b...

Raminkn20 by Level 1
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For FTD, managed via FMC, looks like passive interface is only supported on OSPFv3. Regular OSPF doesn't have the option, is this correct?So if I advertise a connected interface/network on the FTD into ospf via "Add Area" option, this potentially lea...

Been looking at BRKSEC-2020 slides on FTD EtherChannel to VSS...I normally use a L3 transit between an inside router and a firewall, but as far as I can determine, with 3110s connecting to a VSS core using MCEC, I would not have that option because t...

lcaruso by Level 6
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I am using FTDv version 7.3 FDM to configure policy-based VPN using a Hub and Spoke topology in a lab environment. The spoke's VPN profile uses two different outside interfaces as it's source (outside1 & outside2). Each spoke dynamically pulls it's o...

ChrisNye by Level 1
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Hi,This is my first post on this forum. Actually, I'm having trouble upgrading to the latest Cisco firmware in a site-to-site VPN.The ciphers used in the current version do not work in the upgraded version, so I want to know which ciphers will work a...

Hi all, Not sure when this has started happening but my FMC stopped showing changes in the deployment screen, I just get "No changes found. Unable to generate diff. Please try a successful deployment and try again.However, even after successful deplo...

Capture.JPG Capture1.JPG
atsukane by Level 1
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I'm trying to install a firmware using the FXOS API and Anisble.I have successfully upgraded the FXOS version from 2.10(1.234) to 2.12(1.29) using this method. Now I want to install the SSD-patch affecting our device, but I get an error message:"Inte...

rubenapi by Level 1
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