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Hi All,   I'm looking to upgrade one of our firewalls that recently hit the 213 day ARP failure issue and i'm looking for guidance on how to select the most appropriate software version. I can see that 9.6(3)1 is a suggested release at the moment and...

de1denta by Level 3
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I am facing some NAT issue on old asa 8.2.5. Running configuration is attached in this post. I was run "Packet-tracer" and found following below issue-   Phase: 6Type: NATSubtype:Result: DROPConfig:nat (INSIDE) 1 match ip INSIDE any O...

I have a configuration as follows.   object network INSIDE_NET subnet nat (any,outside) dynamic interface My question is basically, is there any point to saying "any" on the source interface when the NAT is contained wit...

RyanB by Level 1
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HI ,My ASA 5510 IOS version 8.4.2CSC IOS version is 6.6.1125I configured ACLs and Class maps to forward all HTTP,HTTPS,SMTP,PoP3 and FTP taffic to CSC.Here my issue is my CSC not getting updating from the internet and some email sites like Webmail an...

Hi. We have asa 5508 Software Version 9.7(1)8 with installed sfr FirePOWER Control and protection licenses are installed. For configure FIREPOWER use ASDM 7.8(1). We need to block files mp3 (or any others for the test). We create in ASDM ...

allexxf by Level 1
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ASA5515  ASA version 9.2(2)4   I am a newbie and this is my first post. We currently run out of Public IPs and we need to publish another service. Here is the current access list and nat.   access-list out-in extended permit tcp any host Internal_Hos...

Hi,   We have an ASA 5516X running 9.5(2) and we need to upgrade the OS, in order to get a feature to edit the AnyConnect Connection Profile Options (XML). We were advised to go on to 9.6(2) which is the currently recommended version, but I can see t...

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