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hi I have a problem with the graphical interface of the firesight 4000, when I try to make enter my user and password a blank page is displayed and I can not enter the dashboard With the SSH I can enter the console with the same user password thank y...

If I get the FTD 4100 appliance with an ASA image, can I still get firepower services? Does it work similarly as having as ASA5585 with firepower? Please provide pros/cons for both scenarios if possible. Thanks in advance

o.adames by Level 4
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Hi, We are currently running our 8250's in an IDS mode and we are changing to an IPS mode.  We have lots of rules which are now resulting in a "would be block", that is going to change to a Block result. To ease the migration I'm looking for ways of...

Dear All, I know the FTD does not support yet but was hoping to bounce some question I had myself about clustering and multicontext on the asa/4100 Firepower 21/41xx with ASA image: · How many “Logical Devices - ASA” supported? · How many cont...

yalmatra by Cisco Employee
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Hello, I am implementing a new asa firewall that will act as both a dhcp server and dns resolution (forwarder?) for inside clients. There is NO internal DNS or DHCP server nor will there be, the ASA will do both of those functions. The dns server ent...

What happens when there is a TCP half closed connection ? How long the connection remains alive before it gets closed ? Is there a specific setting in ASA to manage half closed TCP sessions ? These are the questions asked to me during network securi...

I have upgraded from a 5505 to a 5506-X that I have on a small test network at home.  I was able to configure the internal and external interfaces and have access to the internet and DHCP.  I'm looking to configure the following networks: PC/Printer,...

by Not applicable
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