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Resolved! authentications on cisco sns3415 don't show ip address of device being accessed in Live Dashboard

I have a cisco sns-3415 that when users authenticate against a switch , in the ACS Dashboard Live Authentications  I only see the username/access service and authentication type. I don't see the ip address of the switch being accessed which I also wa...

j.boswell by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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ASA 5510 Public Server Problem

I have been tasked with some ASA configuration coming in a few weeks, and to test out some configuration options I have setup a web server on my local network which I would like to be able to access from via WAN with one of our static IP that ISP has...

ECCsimmons by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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FireSIGHT: Access Controll policy out-of-date

I logged into the FireSIGHT and clicked on Policies tab -> Access Control tab , it shows "Access Control policy out-of-date on 2 devices. Intrusion Policies out-of-date on 2 devices". Clicked on it, it takes me to the pop up screen like this (in ...

Ve Con by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Very slow internet behind ASA5505

Recently installed an ASA5505 for a client.  They have Verizon DSL (7mb down, 384up package).  So my config is Verizon (Westell) DSL modem connected to e0/0 (VLAN2) of ASA.  From there I have e0/1 (VLAN1) connected to a 3COM 2250 Plus 50 port switch....

sonitadmin by Beginner
  • 22 replies
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Sourcefire/Firepower issue

We deploying a new sourcefire to replace a legacy firewall and proxy. We are having an issue with the way the Sourcefire is seeing the redirected traffic to the module.When traffic is passing through the module it looks as if web traffic is being ori...

ASA not booting Stuck on error " i2c_write_byte_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x40, address = 26 byte count = 1. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR"

Guys  I am get stuck on this issue, i have asa 5505 which was working more than 4 months, after power recycle  the firewall is not booting now, it gives the below error. i have tried to upload the new image however the story is same. can some one hel...

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