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Hi All Need advice on the following: Have a ASA (version 8.2) configured as a EZVPN client, the EZVPN server is a ASA at another establishment which we breakout from. All traffic from inside has to go through the VPN for connectivity. The ASA has a...

Hi all,I have one question about Sourcefire URL Filtering,As I know Sourcefire does not support SSL Encryption/decryption,My Question is How does it blocks HTTPS  Websites ? , eg:       

I have version 6.1 of the FireSIGHT / FirePOWER and everything is running as expected. How ever my user event logs only keep 1 or 2 days at a time. I want a long running history of the usage. I have the "System" "Configuration" "Database" completely...

Butler741 by Beginner
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Hello, I have two "outside" sub-interfaces on my ASA5510: interface Ethernet0/0 speed 1000 duplex full no nameif no security-level no ip address!interface Ethernet0/0.10 vlan 10 nameif isp1 security-level 0 ip address sta...

Hi, Im new to firesight vendor just install new firewall 5516-x with IPS/IDS firepower... Currently No policy to IPS/IDS... Based on GUI i detected Intrusions Events as below..kindly advice what can we do with this attack...we should b...

I have a single ASA setup with G1/1 and G1/2 in a redundant interface configuration.        ASA Interface REDUNDANT 1 g1/1          g1/2    |             |    |             | g1/0/1       g2/0/1  3750  switchstack Is there any requirement or need ...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Hello Friends I have ASA 5545-X  firewall in my environment. The current IOS is 9.1(2) and ASDM 7.1(3). I want to upgrade to latest IOS of 9.6.2 and ASDM of Please advise how can I upgrade to the latest one? When I google it there are opt...

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