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I have a problem with a VPN redundancy link. In my infraestructure i have one dedicate link for a provider this link is filter by a FW-A on interface outside, we need a redundacy link this link are made by VPN on FWB that connect with FWA on inside i...

Hi! I would like to replace objects with an updated name for example: object a ===== object ab They function the same, only with a different name. Is there a way I can replace these without having to clear the objects and recopying them? Thank...

We are using 2 ASA 5512 firewalls as HA pair. Both are uplinked to a switch owned and configured by the ISP in a datacenter. Some time ago one of the uplink ports went to err-disabled on the switch. The messages show that a duplicate MAC address is s...

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Dear All, i have a question about Network i want to configure access layer switches (all port) with source(Host) dedicated IP address and Mac-address, for no one change and use other host ip, is it possible solution. thanksss

Hi, PFA, I need to add inside network host)  of ASA1 into DMZ( of ASA2 for application.  is it possible to achieve it using NAT on ASA1 firewall. Please help me to write NAT configuration on firewall.

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