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I have the following ACL. For the most part everything is working in the ACL as it should be. The problem is that even though is permitted, I still get denies in the logs. The logs will be below the ACL. We switched from TCP to IP in th...

  using Cisco Firepower 2100 ASA Platform Mode. You want to change the mgmt IP on the fxos for NTP Sync. In the Cisco Firepower 2100 ASA Platform Mode FXOS Configuration Guide, it says to change the MGMT IP in both FXOS and ASA, is this correct? If s...

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JY by Level 1
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Resolved! CISCO ASA 5525

How will I verify that which policy is currently active for incoming traffic received from Dmz ?I will need to move internal traffic which is coming from Dmz to another firewall. Please advice  

ddesai by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I made a Wireguard VPN server in Proxmox with no internal firewall. Our firewall is Cisco Firepower 1120 which manages all the aspects.I have tested connecting to VPN server from within LAN and it worked but no internet access, I added...

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Exor by Level 1
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I have a ASA that when I turn on a firewall rule I can not get to the destination I want to get to. I can get to the webpage, but it just spins and does not time out.However, when I turn off the firewall rule and allow all ip addresses to come throug...

Tbone by Level 1
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