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Hi, Our customer bought ASA 5516-X with on-box management (Using ASDM for ASA and Firepower service). And asked me if the ASA/Firepower could do rate limiting/ QoS policy based on application (like limiting bandwidth for youtube etc). From the firepo...

Hi, I have the above scenario asa's are in active standby mode Hsrp running between the R1 and R2 Single ISPasa inside and dmz , static nat and dynamic nat configured .Now only one router is active at a time .I want to use both R1 and R2 at same...

Hi, I want to know the maximum power consumption of ASA 5515-X and have got it as 220v X 4.85A = 1164 watt form the following link

Hi, I need a little help, please. My company has 5 Ise Servers and all uses the same user and pass to join the domain. One of this servers don´t join the domain. Accordind to error messages: "Error Resolution : Please make sure that user iseadmin ha...

Hi All,I need to upgrade the version for ASA 5520 pair that runs in multi-context mode.Here is my issue:It seems to have the following contexts:If I change to system context the copy tftp command is available. However, it cannot connect to any IP add...

v_saru by Level 1
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     I am curious to know if the following two statements / Twice NAT rules are equivalent (accomplish/mean the same thing and function in the same way): DmzHostA = a real host on the local DMZ segment RemoteHostB = a real host on a remote network t...

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