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Hello,everybody. I have two asa 5555-X . I what to do a failover with active/standby, and I have already done. but I have a problem now,  if asa outside interface goes down, I want to asa inside interface goes down, to  effect downstram device go to ...

We found an error when try to upgrade Network Sensor Patch. Any Idea what the cause? OUT: Verifying archive integrity...OUT: All good.OUT: Uncompressing Cisco Network Sensor Patch / Fri Mar 25 14:01:08 UTC 2016OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT...

Hai I need to know whether clustering of two ASA 5545x- firepower  with cisco 6807xl(enterprise Lic) in VSS is possible.There is no DMZ  and firewalls need to be in transparent mode. I need to connect a switch to outside interface and put few server...

We have an environment using class B networks where the third octet is used as a device type identifier. For example, a 60 in the third octet identifies a printer and a 92 is a desktop to be denied internet. We want to prevent printers from accessing...

b8mnr5401 by Beginner
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Hi, I have some misunderstanding with ACL using service-object and port-object.Device is Cisco ASA ASA5510 Software Version 8.2(5).1 ACL using service-objectaccess-list PAT-all extended permit object-group Site-LAN-serObj-tcp object-group Site-LAN an...

Ritter Rs by Beginner
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Hello all, I have seen that the ip inspect feature sends sometimes some RST packets. I would like to know if it was possible to keep the ip inspect feature enabled and doing its job but without sending the RST packets. I do not have the customer'...

tscaon001 by Beginner
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