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Hi How can I assign another ip address to an interface on ASA5580, actually my ip range ( already got exhausted, and I have neighboring range in use elsewhere so want to assign different range( for other hosts in that zo...

bhushit17 by Beginner
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We've a problem using fiber link to ASA 5555-X, with additional ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-C card. If we connect cable to GLC-SX-MMD SFP model, ASA can't do any traffic. If we connect same cable to GLC-SX-MM SFP model, this link works fine. We've tried to set ...

fdetoma by Beginner
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Hi Guys, ISP has give us two subnets which are and . they are configured on the isp router our asa is connected to the isp router using an intermidiate switch on range of 1.1.1 with its ip being .2 and isp .1 I know the asa ...

cisco8887 by Explorer
  • 13 replies
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hi all, i am trying to configure the static nat on the cisco asa which is not working. in 8.2 version this is the code nat(inside) 2 x.x.x.x netmask global(outside) 2 y.y.y.y for the above commands i converted to 9.5.2 code which is...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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Recently we have been taksed buy C level executives to block all ip communication to Russia. They are about 65,000 (CIDR aggregated) public ip addresses in China. I dont want to manage an ACL with 65,000 entries not to mention how much larger it gets...

efrazee by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Hi, I am configuring a firewall which has four zones: 1. DC-INSIDE (security-level 50) 2. DC-OUTSIDE (security-level 50) 3. DC-DMZ-ZONE (security-level 90) 4. DC-SERVER-ZONE (security-level 100) I created the below ACLs for all users can access all...

Hi! I know that the sensor update is really slow but i have one update stuck at 43% for 12 hours. I Guess it is really stuck. I can´t find a way to terminate the update.  What is the recommended action when this happen? I like the FP module but the ...

hi guys, is it possible to derive a subnet mask of an ip from its IP ? I am sure the answer is no but wanted to ask. for instance I give you an ip address of  and you are ping it from with no access to the router that is provid...

cisco8887 by Explorer
  • 6 replies
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