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I have read at several places that after 8.3 you dont need NAT to communicate from Inside to DMZ ( High security Zone to Low Security Zone ) and Only Need ACL Permitting this communication. But for me it doesnt seems to be working. any help? 192.168...

Hi, Can any one tell me how ASA will work in network? And Can you able to give me brief idea about ASA firewall? Pls reply on

HI I have two cisco ASA 5545 that config as active-stnadby and there is two cisco 4510(with sup 7E) in downstream(inside zone of ASA) that config as active-standby(HSRP). now I want config two ASA's as a cluster and two 4510 as VSS. I read "BRKSEC-30...

Hi all, I have to make a lotus notes local server accessed by the external of our network. So, i did a public server from ASDM mapped from the local ip of the lotus notes to a public ip address. As, services permitted, i added http. But i can't acce...

Hi! I´m trying to find if someone already has upgraded a Cisco ASA 5545X configured as Active/Standby from version 9.1(5) to 9.4(2)11? which I saw on Cisco page marked as recomended.I´m thinking to apply this upgrade on next weekend, but I´m afraid s...

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