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Hi,Hoping I can get confirmation on the following, please?An ASA5505 with 50 user licence, showed 52 inside arp entries, but the show local-host shows "Current host count: 29, towards licensed host limit of: 50". However, when the arp entries hit 52 ...

01Boxer by Beginner
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Hi all,I received a firewall ASA 5505 and I have a problem with it. It always boot on rommon. When I do show boot I get those informations:ciscoasa# show bootBOOT variable =Current BOOT variable =CONFIG_FILE variable =Current CONFIG_FILE variable = I...

Im having a problem installing Certificates from Digicert on ASA running 8.3(1).  Certificate is SHA2.  Each time I try to install the CA or the Indent cert I keep getting a parsing error. On the Digicert website it says that supports SHA 2 f...

Hi,Need help as I could not launch the ASDM via So far I am only managed to ssh. Thanks in advanced!Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.0(2)Device Manager Version 6.4(5)ASA-FW# show run | in httpaaa authenticati...

Hi guys,I've configured a 5512 ASA that sits on the edge of our network as per attached document.I can access the outside interface from within the LAN. However, when I use a public internet connection, I'm not able to access the outside interface no...

Simple question...I thought in enterprise designs, one would first place a router on the edge facing the provider, put an ASA firewall inside of that -- with a segment off the ASA for the DMZ -- then place another router inside that directing traffic...

I need a little help clarifying the need for an Extended Access-list when ICMP Inspect is enabled on an ASA.  From reading various documents such as the following (

tjreeddoc by Beginner
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HiDoes reverse telnet and ssh terminal line access to connect to console of port of devices connected on NM-16 or NM-32 Async port adapters work in parallel ? As when i enable SSH using rotary line config, telnet stops working.I am using SSH v1 as IO...

Hello all i hope you are welli have ASA 5520 with 2 interface(inside: && outside(public): which get an ip address from DHCP server and has accessibility to internet)i have one test router(R1) in same range as outside range of...

in the attached topology, port forward was working fine before adding cisco router:ISP Modem was directly connected to the Switch (all Internal network on VLAN1 only), DDNS was configured on the ISP modem and port forward as shown in diagram.after ad...

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