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Hi, I Have a newly purchase Cisco ASA 5512X with firepower now I can't find the PKG or how to enable it. I tried to use the ff command. asasfr-boot> system install [noconfirm] url and  system install http://asasfr-sys-5.3.1-44.pkg  SHOW FLASH  --#...

hii'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my AAA config.when I SSH/telnet to the ASA using my TACACS+ account is fine.but i can't seem to login on our OBM server when I use the same TACACS+ account and also tried the enable password on the

hi all      i am realy have trouble to understand ASA firewall's ACTIVE/ACTIVE mode, and router support's HSRP/VRRP/GLBP. the only thing i know about it by all reading is, ACTIVE/ACTIVE provide all line(e.g two line at same time pass different set of...

yang yang by Beginner
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Dear Sir / Madam,We have Cisco ASA 5525-x FirePower with IPS, Malware & URL filtering modules. My query is what are all the licenses needs to be renewed from the following?1. Protection Control2. Malware3. URL Filtering4. FireSIGHT Host5. FireSIGHT c...

Hi,   I´ve configured the two ISPs links, with IP SLA to failover when the first link is down. But its not working, the second link never get works.   Could you  help me?   Interesting details:   The ASA never input the default route of second link (...

Hi It is strange that the PC cannot ping the ASA. The topology is like this ASA(inside)---DeviceA----PC. the ASA can ping PC and DeviceA, but PC cannot ping ASA. When PC ping ASA, we can see message of debug icmp(debug icmp track 255 in the ASA) from...

eigrpy by Enthusiast
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First I am not a Noob but pretty close I guess.   simple issue i think. I have two inside interfaces (Inside, VOIP) that need to connect to the internet but not each other. The Inside interface connects to the Outside interface just fine. The newly a...

So I've been banging my head on this issue for some time now and finally broke down and posting here hoping for some help.I have an ASA5505 at my house with my residential cable modem plugged into the outside interface and my LAN on the inside interf...

scotteberl by Beginner
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Have this weird issue with Netflow collection.  All I am seeing is SSH traffic, no other traffic is being reported. Pretty much all that is collected is the Tacacs and monitoring servers, and not much of that either.  It is set up correctly, and is e...

I installed firepower vmware. I mapped interfaces with real interfaces on server.however, the link is not up. and giving me this error message. "invalid snap length"does anyone know what to do ?

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