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Hello,We need to audit the network traffic and also apply some rule based on user or groups. Is there a way that a switch or a wireless controller can provide a user to ip mapping table? this need to be "auth-level", the data need to be unique and fr...

chengl031 by Level 1
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Curently we are using FMCV to manage 4 FTD 2130. Now the renawl time appoarching. But i did not get information about the part number for Fmc license and support renwal. So any one who can help me on the renwal and support psrt number to prepare RFP ...

Tetemke by Level 1
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I would like to know why my backup is not running in the scheduled time.If I chose to run "immediatly" it runs without problems and a folder called "0" is created in the D:\Backup_CSM.Scheduled backup does not run and I see no info in the logs and I ...

Hi Community,   I have an issue, we have sold a PSS and we need to give the customer visibility of the equipment under contract, in the past we used PICA Account por that but actually I think PICA is not working    any tip for that?   Thanks and rega...

Recently, I had a lab that needed configuration for the internal and external network environments with ASA firewall devices and certain ACLs. It's kind of confusing about the setting with the ASA firewall. yet master it at all; hopefully someone cou...

_Zy._ by Level 1
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Hello, DMZ Web server can open External Web Server (, but Admin PC can not open DMZ Web Server ( also Net Admin can not open DMZ Web Server. I think routing is working maybe it is something with ACLCORP-ASA 5505.

Kuladbr by Level 1
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