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Hello,I am aware that you can set up an acl using a fqdn, but is there a way to set it up using a wildcard. I am trying to set up the acl to give access to a ftp server from "*". This is on an ASA 5510 on code version 8.4(3). Thanks!

Resolved! ASA question

Hello Forum Device - Cisco ASA 5540 (9) Is it possible to create rules to allow a VPN user to login using his Windows laptop but stop his IPAD? Thanks for the help.

Customer request to use destination NAT and port forwarding to access a server from inside to dmz. The packet tracer shows it is using the Dynamic NAT instead of the static NAT if I use the following command and traffic will fail. (traffic NAT out th...

joe.ho by Beginner
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Does anyone have something they can post an excerpt from "sh ver" on a 5585-X? I'm really curious about the new CPU architecture. Our 5540's and 5520's had a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz CPU. I can't find hardware specs ANYWHERE for the CPUs in any of the SSP m...

bkoch1 by Beginner
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internet users unable to access port 22, we have already enabled port 22 . plz check and help nat (outside,dmz) source static any any destination static obj_198.73.32.44 obj_10.3.202.44 unidirectional access-list Out_in extended permit tcp any4 objec...

I have a couple of never-used ASA5525-Xs that have been lying around, and I am trying to figure out what software to use. They currently have 8.6(1)2 and thought I should probably upgrade to the latest and greatest.When I drill down through the Cisco...

jaysoo by Beginner
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 From CSM devices not able add ASA 5515 devices  error getting              "invalid device: the os version,number of contexts (single or multiple), and operational mode ( routed or transparent) in this configuration are not support on the hardware; ...