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i have asa 5510 and i need IPS on it so i need to know if it software or Module and if it Module which one works with it thanks 

I have reviewed numerous support discussions on this particular issue, but I am still unable to properly configure my ASA 5512-X to receive SMTP email. I can send email, and have access to all other services that I setup.  I did create a network obje...

khyron1969 by Level 1
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Hello all, I have an ASA5512-X that I purchased a year ago and this month I purchased the IPS license. I have two questions: 1.  Do I need to re-image the entire ASA (after performing a backup) or can I just TFTP the IPS software to the box and proce...

dneumann by Level 1
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Hello,I'm using ASA 5585-X SSP40 with dual CPU 5500 series (16 core).At normally my system use approximate 18-20% of cpu. But some time when I received in Real-time logging "Deny IP spoof from ( to on interface outside" then c...

saviola8x by Level 1
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Hi asa fwsmtrying to use asdm but this is the erro i am getting. fwsm is in multi context mode The requested URL /admin/public/index.html was not found on this server.multi context mode    sh disk: | i asdm-623f.bin338 13740644   Nov 07 2014 15:20:02...

Hello,I have a few questions regarding the ASA 5515-X. Currently we have a Barracuda Firewall that will be replaced with the 5515-X. There are two WS-C3560G-48TS connected to the Barracuda Firewall. The WS-C3560G-48TS switches have about 5 VLANs and ...

Hello folks I am facing a unique scenario. I have an ASA which is connected to an WAN network and it has private address on the outside interface. There are few PCs connected to the inside interface and the traffic from them is NAT-d to an IP for int...

Hi Experts, Good Day! I'm a little bit confused about the criteria of the ASA as far as the failover is concerned. By default, the criteria is only 1 interface, is this means that let us say I have 5 interfaces = VLAN = nameifs and my ASA is in Activ...

Hi All, I attached a diagram and below are the requirement1. Hosts(Having IP,s and use internet through proxy server having proxy server ip that are in the DMZ. And internet allow the proxy server. Means hosts in...

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