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Subtype: rpf-check - drop on NAT ASA 8.4

Hi, We have following static PAT configured on ASA (ver 8.4), we can telnet from outside to the nated local ip address, however when we do the packet-trace from outside interface it got drop at the NAT rule level (see bellow), however when we do the ...

pemasirid by Beginner
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Resolved! Netflow on ASA

Hi,I have an ASA 5520 Software Version 8.0(4). In order to implement netflow on it I need to upgrade ASA software (the version should be at least 8.2.1). But I also want existing config to work properly without any changes in commands syntax. Which v...

CSM/ASA unused objects

H all, I noticed that in the latest ASDM version there is a new tab titled 'Not Used'. Selecting this opens a new window with all the unused objects currently on the ASA, furthermore they are automatically ticked ready for deletion, all you have to d...

doylepaul by Beginner
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Cisco 1841 Firewall Config

Can anyone please review my config and let me know if this is a decent setup for a fiewall for home use?Cisco1841#show runBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 3558 bytes!version 12.4service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps...

jwood1650 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA VPN license

I have little bit confuse how to define cisco VPN client license.  My asa 5505 has below license.   Does my license only allow 2 clientless VPN concurrent connection and 25 anyconnect client user concurrent connection ? Licensed features for this pla...

alan-wong by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! AnyConnect SSL VPN 5515x and 5505

My ASA is 5505 8.4(4)1 and 5515 8.6(1)2I setup a 5505 and 5515 SSL anyconnect VPN.  When the client computer try to connect through https:\\x.x.x.x.  It prompt and check up ActiveX and Java, After that It requests to install Cisco AnyConnect Secure M...

alan-wong by Beginner
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Resolved! Enabling stateful firewall (ip inspect)

Hi there,I've been trying to enable stateful firewall rules on this router and it won't accept the ip inspect command. Is there a licence or IOS version that I'm missing or feature that I need to activate?router#sh verCisco IOS Software, C860 Softwar...

moebiusnz by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5510 - Cisco 2811 Router

Hi all, I really could use some assistence in regards to a ASA 5510 and a 2811 Router. I have working internet, but Access lists are killing me, I am just not quite able to wrap my head around them. First off let me say what I want to do. I want the ...

Resolved! New DMZ in FWSM

Hi Freinds,we have two FWSMs on 6509 boxes, inside secuirty level is 100, outside is zero one dmz has security level  zero i want to create another dmz ..could someone explain me the steps to create dmz in FWSM i am not expert on FWSM also the new DM...

Sh asp drop output.

                   I am new to the world of ASA's and I am trying to figure out when I do a sh asp drop I get this output Frame drop:  Invalid UDP Length (invalid-udp-length)                                      1  Flow is denied by configured rule (...

bryanrobh by Beginner
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Resolved! why ASA in transparent mode require same ip subnet to that of connected network

In  ASA transparent mode, Why it is necessary to keep management ip in the same subnet to that of connected network?what if I keep management ip in diffrent subnet than that of connected network?If I do so does the traffic move through the asa and wh...

vijay1926 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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