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ASA 5525X and SIP

                  Guys,A nice simple one for the firewall Gurus out there:I'm thinking of replacing a tired old Checkpoint firewall cluster with  Cisco ASA 5525Xs. I have read the manuals and it looks like this model is SIP aware, but I'd like to hea...

Jim Blake by Beginner
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ASA/ISR load sharing dual ISP

Hello support community,I'm writing hoping that you can shine some light into a design question that I have regarding a small office WAN connectivity, I would like to load balance between 2 different ISP (Cable and DSL) both with static IPs using ISR...

ASA 5510 spontaneous reload ?

We had a 5510 reload at a remote site for reasons unknown.   The version is 7.2I've captured the log files at level 5, but see no hint of tampering, memory leaks or other troubles. What or where can I look to get the most information?     

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA5512 able to ...

Hi all,Hi, I would like to know whether ASA5512-SSD120-K9 able to do the following:                 1. Configure Firewall to connect to two (2) ISPs (Basic Load Balancing)                 2. Configure Firewall with application visibility and control ...

ASA 5505 cannot login ASDM 6.4 (5)

Hello,New to ASA5505.We were able to login and configure with ASDM for a client previous.We received the unit back and did a factory reset.After we did this and now we cannot login with ASDM however we can login to cli.The problem seems to exsist tha...

aldobson by Beginner
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NAT Divert bypass

We've run into a bit of a pickle and looking for possible solutions to our issue.  We run 8.4 which has the NAT dirvert functionality.  Below is what were trying to accomplish.Cisco ASA 5585-60 (8.4)3 total interfacesInbound Interface App_LAN   (Apps...

glenthms by Beginner
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Pix 525 through put question

  Hi We're having an issue with out Pix 525 cluster, what we're seeing is the following:* using iternet speed tests while going through the Pix we have trouble getting past 40Mbps of our 100Mbps pipe.* When I place the laptop outside the Pix we get 9...

Resolved! ASA5505 URL Filtering

How can I filter my local lan's URL requests?  Is it possible to have some sort of list like...Default_User_Group****.google.comThen only allow certain ip's access to the entire internet like this...Internet_User_Group*It ...

Arvo Bowen by Beginner
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