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Hi experts,In the Customer-Class configuration, we put “limit-resource Conns 50000”, thus each context should limit the maximum concurrent table under 50000. However, when we see the “sh resource usage”, the limit is showing “49000” not “50000” and w...

Can any one help me out how to resolve this issue. ASA 8.4 versioninside to TEST working fine.nat (inside,TEST) source dynamic  interface my main concern is TEST ( lan wants to access inside subnets with real ip addresses (ex:

Hi, I am doing an active/standby failover configuration and I would like to have the virtual mac addresses configured.I'm wondering if I need to do them both on the primary unit and the secondary unit, or just the primary unit. The inside, outside an...

Hi All,I'm newbie on the firewall policy configuration. As far as I know, the policy configuration always need to allow both ways. Exm allows services Port1 --> Port2, Port2 --> Port1 in order for both to communication. I've noticed the policy on the...

wayne loh by Beginner
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helow guys ,i have many problem with ASA5505 version 91- I save factory default configuration  (write memory )after command " config factory default " but when i make reload i found no configuration saved . my question from where i know the device bo...

Resolved! ASA SNMP

Hi All, Can anyone please advise which of the traps I need to enable if I only need to know fan status. We are running on old version and our aim is to enable snmp traps so as to know if the fan is faulty. Can anyone please advise of the below which ...

Hello,I could really use some help in setting up a port forward rule on my ASA. I have a host on the LAN ( I need to expose ports 8082 and 8083 (both tcp and udp) to the Internet. I have an existing rule set up for another host on the LA...

Rob Royse by Beginner
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Hi, I have this situation:A client of mine has a switched network. On that network where no vlan is configured, he has multiple IP address on the same vlan (vlan 1). So, I´ve installed a 5505 with two vlans, and asigned each vlan to ethernet interfac...

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