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Can ASA have ACLs with FQDNs?

Hello,2 things if I may.I have upgraded our ASA 5520 from 8.2 > 8.4 > 9.1.3 and I was wondering if I can now create rules where the destination can be a FQDNs rather than an IP?  We have some hosted clusters in the 'Cloud' and using a FQND would make...

Andy White by Participant
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ASA 5510 & Comcast Ethernet

Hello,I have the following situation, and not sure if the ASA can do this or not?We have just ordered Comcast Ethernet [Fiber] service. They'll be installing a managed switch [Layer 2]. They'll be handing off an IP of x.x.138.114/30 to one of our dev...

Multiple Syslog Servers

I know in the ASA5520 we use, i can created multiple syslog servers to send syslogs to. However, I am wondering, is there a way to segment the data?  IE - We have a "generic" syslog server that gets all the syslog data (ncluding Informational), but I...

don.click1 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! filter url http

Hi Everyone,Our ASA  has below config herefilter url http url http longurl-truncatefilter url http longurl-truncateWe have websens...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Cascading Contexts on ASA

Hi,I need to set up a new pair of ASA's in active-standby configuration, on the ASA I need to configure 2 contexts.Each of these contexts will have about 5 interfaces that connect to the network, now comes the part that I don't seem to grasp, I also ...

Cisco Ham by Beginner
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PIX 6.3 NAT to ASA 9.1

We are migrating from PIX 6.3 to ASA 9.1. Having issues with NAT and hoping someone can help.Existing PIX-access-list CUSTOMER permit ip any 202.x.x.z CUSTOMER permit ip any 202.x.y.z (inside) 1000 access-lis...

Resolved! ASA 9.1 Problems with Oracle Database

Hi Everyone,Having a strange problem.  We recently migrated from FWSM to ASA-5585X running 9.1(2).  Since we did that, we are having problems from an APP server in DMZ-A talking to a DB server in DMZ-B.  The error we are getting in Oracle is ORA-1259... by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN Logs

     heyi configure a vpn at asa 5510 and i want to check the all the logs with time and date that people are conected through vpn            Navaz       

Resolved! ASA 9.1 Nat internal Subnet to another External IP

I'm very new to the 9.1 code and struggling with the new NAT translation. I'll try to explain the best I can what I'm wanting to do.  For testing I can do everything via CLI or ASDM but in the end I will have to convert any command over to Cisco Secu...

dney by Beginner
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