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In a pre-8.3 ASA, is it possible for both regular dynamic NAT and policy dynamic NAT to share a single global address?I see two configuration possibilities, but I am not sure if either of them would work.1. Two nat statements share an ID and therefor...

Hi Everyone,I am studying about VPN these days.I did sh crypto isakmp sa   Active SA: 8    Rekey SA: 0 (A tunnel will report 1 Active and 1 Rekey SA during rekey)Total IKE SA: 81   IKE Peer: 198.x    Type    : user            Role    : responder    R...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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hiI'm making some major changes to the config on an active/standby asa this evening and am planning the roll back in case things go bad.I'm planning to wr mem the config and then 'no failover' on the Active asaTHen make the changes.If all goes well, ...

philbe by Beginner
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I'm trying to configure static PAT for a Linux SSH server on my network.  The tricky part is that I'm trying to map port 21 from the outside to port 22 on the inside (because port 22 is blocked on my work network).I've tried the following but it does...

mtehonica by Contributor
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Ok I need help with a problem.  I have two firewalls between two networks, one is ASA 5520 (8.2(5)46) and ASA 5510 (9.0(2))ASA5520 DMZ (192.168.169.x)      ASA5510 (10.65.25.x)Error message before is from the ASA 5510 %ASA-6-106100: access-list insid...

I hope I'm in the correct area.I'm trying to deny access to 3 wireless devices to the cisco 800 series wireless routerThe MAC address are:MAC Address    IP address      Device        Name            Parent         State0014.6caf.410a    ...

jonl711 by Beginner
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Hi,In my case, I have Cisco ASA 5585-X software asa825-smp-k8.bin and I want to go to software asa847-smp-k8.bin.I did like in the link below but I've had many problems.; before upgrade access rule...