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 current 5545X versionasa984-41-smp-k8.binwould i be better upgrading to asa984-48-smp-k8.bin which is a jump of 5 versions, is this the safest way, or could i jump straight to asa992-85-smp-k8.bin,or even to asa9-10-1-44-smp-k8.bin, then keep jumpin...

Hello,We have a scheduled weekly task to backup our FMC  and FTD Device configs to a remote storage location and have a policy threshold set to 70% of disk.  Currently, there are 13 backups listed in the FMC and 99 backups for our FTDs.  Is there not...

jmeetze by Level 1
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Hello."packet-tracer input inside icmp 8 0 detailed"What is the meaning of 8 0"?(I don't understand it from the reference below.)Thank you!Cisco Secure Firewall ASA Series Command Reference, I - R Commands - pa - pn [Cisco Secur...

Hi This post is following the below link. The question is after changing TLS version, the security vulnerability report is same as before, meaning the change did not remediate the issue. Even if the http and https were disabled, the issue is still ex...

Leftz by Level 4
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Hi AllOn a Asa ASA5516-FPWR-K9 , base license only is it possible to block via a rule, some domain or site URL?I can block some IP's or networks, but not able to see how to block a domain or site Can you help?Firewall is running on versions:Cisco Fir...

beconnect by Level 1
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Hi,This morning I was trying to SSH into FXOS on two Firepower 4100 devices. I have been able to SSH into those devices before, but it was probably quite a while ago since i did it the last time.I now get a "The remote system refused the connection" ...