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Hi Guyscan you help me with the following?-we have an Exchange migration project, so I will need to make changes on the firewall to allow the emails to be delivered on the new server.having a different IP address on the new server, I will need to cre...

Hi,I have an ASA5510 running version 8.2(5). I have set up a new network on interface Ethernet0/1.777 of the fwl. The firewall works perfectly with remote access VPNs but has now given me the error with the new network that has been set up:%ASA-5-305...

chris by Level 1
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I am using a 5505 and  I want to know if  exist a command to show me  how much bandwith is using each ip address.or something similar. Sometimes the network works really slow. So  I want to see if someone is using to much Bandwith.

                 i would like to create a few custom reports fro my firewaal in CSM4.4 that are not derived from the default top 50 lists.What tools are used to create non canned CSM reports?i would like to be able to see all destinations visited by ...

sthauck by Level 1
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Hello,Our ASA 5520 seems to hit around 80% at certain times of the day.  I know 80% is the marker for when I shoudl start to investigate.  I have notice that it is the dispatch unit:0x0828fb01   0x6d5c3278    85.8%    85.9%    73.3%   Dispatch UnitWh...

Please can somone explain the following...why do some people define a service for example 3389 or http  in there static  NAT rule?Is it not easier to use serivce IP and then define what you want through  an access list?

    Hello,              I have been working on this migrating from a PIX 501 to ASA 5515-x. I have been greatly helped by a Cisco support team member. They gave me   the instructions of how to migrate after I showed them the "run" config of the PIX a...

Hi,I was just curious to know what exactly qualifies as the input interface in a packet trace statement.Eg. ASA has two interfaces, Local & Outside. If the requirement is to ping from node on Local interface to one on the outside, what interface shou...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi,A client has had their FWSM fail, when you try to start the module the switch eventually disables the power to that slot (%C6KPWR-SP-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 4 set off (Module  Failed SCP dnld)). I have turned off diagnostics with 'no d...

I have an issue with my firewalls polling my snmp stations.  The issue is that my smnp server is unable to poll a connected interface on the firewall on a different network. We are using two /24 networks across a managed connection for redundancy pur...

Roy Lindo by Level 1
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