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Hi guys,I am trying to establish a vpn connection witht the above mentioned devices but i receive the below error    IKE Peer: B    Type    :user             Role    : initiator    Rekey   : no              State  : MM_WAIT_MSG2What am i doing wrong ...

Hi,We are using Manage Engine product Netflow Analyzer, we are facing a problem in traffic flow between Netflow server and Edge routers. No packet has been received in Netflow server from Edge routers. between Edge routers and Netflow server ASA is i...

Hello all.  I have recently started working with our ASA 5510 and have learned a lot in the past few weeks.  I most recently have updated our IOS from 7.0 to 8.22 and started setting up some QoS.Our setup has two WAN's, ( and  2.2.2....

alieas007 by Beginner
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I am receiving below message on the Internet Firewall and losing connection, mostly upload side like Outlook, Facebook, Youtube ... 6      9:38:45     106015      53142     443     Deny TCP (no connection) from 10.*.*.*/53142 to 17...

TM13 by Beginner
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Greetings,I have a 5505 running 9.0(3). I need to access a server on the same internal network using the external public IP address. What is the configuration for this? I've searched, but cannot find a config for 9.0.Sent from Cisco Technical Support...