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i have the interface on disabled in my context, but i have no option to delete the interface, only edit as optionwhen i go to the system context i click my specific context/firewall and click edit, and scroll down to the interface i want to deletei p...

Hi,I'm setting up 2 ASAs in failover mode. For added availability I'm using Redundant interfaces.Ethernet0/0 is a 1Gbps interfaceEthernet0/2 is a 100Mbps interfaceBoth are combined into Redundant1The same is ddone for the other 2:Ethernet0/1 is a 1Gb...

mvandorp by Beginner
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Hi,I've recently configured the ASA5512 v9.1 firewall inter-vlan routing, everything seems ok till I notice that one of segment (192.168.20.x) is able to ping the other two segments (192.168.11.x & 192.168.10.x) but not reverse way. Could anyone pls ...

wayne loh by Beginner
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Resolved! IP ranges on FWSM

                   is it possible to create IP ranges as some sort of object on FWSM (4.0)?i see option for network objects (hosts or subnets) and network object groups, but no choice to create ranges.thanks

Dear All,i have a requirement to set up VPN for my remote users to be able to connect into my corporate Network.1. what licences  do i need to procure for the ASA 55252. how do i go about this configuration such that remote users could login to the c...

okoroji80 by Beginner
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    hi I have the following setup with ASA 5520 and Netscreen sitting on our DMZ connecting to a provider over site to site VPN. ASA 5520 uses two interface, both connecting to netscreen , each connecting to trusted and untrusted interface.The untrus...

TGF_Cisco by Beginner
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Hi All, I am applying qos on my traffic on few different virtual interfaces that I have . I have applies the shape and police on the internal interfaces as opposed to external on internet .For example I have InternetInternal 1 2 1...

Random44F by Beginner
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