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Hi, Can any one who has migrated from pre 8.3 to post 8.3 help me translate below config to post 8.3 please?i am kind of stuck in it , i know object groups will remain same, just need conversion of below ACL. thank youin advance nat (inside) 1 access...

I have configured a lot of ASAs and now met a problem I can not even understand.topology:inside_device-1 -----                                                                       --------outside_router-1                            |____________ tra...

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I just cannot get port forwarding to work.  I've never had an issue before in 8.4 (after going to 9.x I've downgraded thinking that was it).  I've followed the steps noted here:

OK i know the first part of the situation is solved and I'm grateful to Jouni who elaborated me on it. But I have yet another pending situation that I could use a help here and really wouldn't mind been told this is where i got it all wrong.So finall...

Hi all,I have a query regarding black hole and botnet.My customer tends to receive traffic which is not destining to anywhere.  He wants to achieve the following. He wants to capture the traffic per SPAN and then direct them to a firewall on the insi...

I have followed this document for configuring my ASA5525-X running 9.1 for netflow export: seem to get it to work though. I see the counter increasing, I ...

Dearsetting the below configuration the inside devices are not able to nat to outside runing packet tracer Type: HOST-LIMIT is Dropping althought there is only 1 userplease advisesh run : Saved:ASA Version 8.4(6) !enable password passwd names!interfa...

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