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Hi guys!I'm deploying Cisco ASA in a new project and I need to configure Hierarchical priority queuing with traffic shapping, but Cisco released the note below and appear to not exist more this feature on ASA. I would like to know what Cisco recommen...

Hello I am a student and DIY guy. I am in the middle of configuring Cisco ASA (remotely to my school as a project), I have to configure it according to BSD configuration but I have never seen that in real life. Google is not helping me with that. I h...

I have recently added the Botnet filter license to an ASA5510.  Im needing assistance with viewing the config and being able to know that it is working.  How can i test?  Thanks

kdietz by Level 1
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HiMy setup is like this:ASA-5505-SITE-A ( ( this side the ASA inside interface gooing into a router as WAN.My LAN outside my routeur is 192.168.1.xThere is a VPN UP between SITE-A and SITE-BFrom SITE-B I can ping ever...

Hello everyone,I have recently started learning about ASAs and I had an issue while deploying an ASA. Previously we had a router which was acting as firewall and I was assigned the task to replace it with  ASA 5512. I have configured the access rules...

Hi everyone.I'm trying to open ports on a specific host but I can't make it work.I tried to make it clear as possible,Thanks for helping.There is my config:Result of the command: "show run": Saved:ASA Version 9.1(3) !hostname ciscoasaenable password ...

Hello,Is there any command which allows to change number of displayed captured packets?I have a following capture setup:capture SFTP_TEST type raw-data access-list SFTP_TEST buffer 200000 interface inside circular-buffer [Capturing - 199102 bytes]whe...

Hello all, I am installing a new set of 5515-X ASAs to replace a 5510, and I'm a bit confused at how they are doing the licensing for the IPS.  The box came with an anvelope for with a PAK for the IPS license.  However, it won't let me enter it on th...

Hyi have face problem regradin traffic from outside to insdie having applying acl below hereaccess-list 101 permit ip any anyAPPLY on outside interfaceaccess-group 101 in interface outsidebut my traffice didnt pass through from outside to indieNavaz ...

Hello guys,I would like to greet you. This is my first discussion on cisco support community ( previuously I was on cisco learning network ). I'm lil bit worried about one thing. Currently I'm working in one of the biggest banks in my country as a ne...

Not sure what happened, but on two of my Cisco ASAs, (one is a 5515X and the other a 5510) I can no longer connect to them using the ASDM.  I have confirmed asdm-713.bin is installed on both and I CAN connect from my Macbook. It is just my Windows 7 ...

kerryjcox by Level 1
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                   Hi Everyone,On ASDM  i see few ACL that are greyed out and have line on them.On CLI i see those ACL  with  inactive at then end.Need to confirm why these ACL have inactive at then end?Why they are greyed out in ASDM ?RegardsMAhesh

mahesh18 by Level 6
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