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I have a IPS 4260 that has stopped getting the auto signature updates.  I get the file is found from Cisco, but the following error.  package download failed: Not enough storage space to download package file.How do I free up storage space to downloa...

hi access to hosthi for all my senaro dsl with static ip router ------------- asa5540---------- tmg 2010----------- switch -----hostsi make nat on cico router from ip static nat x.x.x.x confgure asa int g0/0 ip 255.25...

Just ran into this.  Customers ASA 5510 and they are using the default "pix" login.  I can log into the command line with pix just fine.  I created a user account, call it:username jsmith password Passw0rd priv 15I'm unable to log into the command li...

WStoffel1 by Beginner
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I have a firewall where there is an object in the dmz that needs to be translated to the outside and inside using the same ip address.  I have noticed in the configuration that this is being done as a twice NAT and a network object NAT but I know the...

We just recently upgraded a 5540 ASA running 8.2 to a 5555 running 8.6.  I have a question concerning disabling proxy ARP with static nat rules in place.  We have several instance where devices in a dmz have a static nat entry to the outside and a st...

Hello. I have the following problem. I try to implement the url filtering feature on a cisco 2811 router and whenever i enable the parameter map patterns the router retuns (after some time)%Unable to compile obj regex...My config is parameter-map typ...

I have an internal problem due to a third party that is causing TCP session resets to not reach my boarder ASA. This is causing me problems on the Internet side as these connections hang around for up to 5min which appears to be the minimum TCP timeo...

dbgreekas by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,On my ASA  i have enabled logging to Internal Buffersyslog serversASDM   only.However when i have console connection to ASA  and i do sh log   it shows all the log messages Same thing happens when i ssh to ASA  and do sh log it  shows all...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Greeting.The static NAT configuration doesn't work on ASA Version 8.6(1)2.Can anybody help me to take a look please?object network n5k-1host network n5k-2host service telnetservice tcp source eq telnet object s...

Yong Peng by Beginner
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Hi All,We have issue here with ASA  connecting to server at other site over wan link.ASA  has 2 interfaces inside and outside.We have config ACL  on inside interface to allow  access to server on port 28888 and return traffic from server comes on por...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi!I have one internal IP and two external IP adresses. I want to use one adress for allowing mail to my server and one address for sending mails to mobile phones. I am not sure about how the NAT should look like. The ACL is no problem since I have t...

Lajja1234 by Beginner
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